Knightsbridge Bloodstock can make your dream of owning a racehorse a reality. Whether you want to buy, breed or join one of our syndicates we are here to help.

Thoroughbred syndication will give you the fantastic opportunity of owning your very own share in a racehorse for a very fair price.

If you have a passion for horse racing, you're not alone. The thrill of watching your own horse thundering down the straight is difficult not to get excited about. The roar of the crowd; the fashion; the champagne; the buzz you get from a day at the races watching your own horse is second to none.

It’s called the Sport of Kings for a reason, it is how it makes the owners feel. 

Our thoroughbred syndication service will allow you to buy a share in a racehorse and live the dream of being a racehorse owner for a very small investment upfront.

So how does thoroughbred syndication work? When you purchase horse racing shares from Knightsbridge Bloodstock you'll get a 5% or 10% or up to 40%.

The services vary country to country